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Pictures from Month #7


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Here are some pictures from Month #7, click on any picture to get a larger view.

7mo1.jpg (16684 bytes)

Ok, what's happening here?

7mo10.jpg (43947 bytes)

Get those shoes off of me!

7mo11.jpg (26111 bytes)

I like to read books.

7mo12.jpg (24250 bytes)

What is this around my neck?

7mo13.jpg (22563 bytes)

I better get it off before someone thinks I am some freak.

7mo14.jpg (37325 bytes)

Can't Mommy hurry up?

7mo15.jpg (39523 bytes)

Can I go to town in my fire engine instead?

7mo16.jpg (29203 bytes)

Drumsticks are best used for hitting people AND the drum.

7mo17.jpg (28803 bytes)

I know how to scowl! :) I learned this from my daddy!

7mo19.jpg (33583 bytes)

I am a nice kid, mind helping me stand up?

7mo2.jpg (43126 bytes)

What happenned? this is way too small.

7mo20.jpg (27176 bytes)

I like taking my bath,

7mo21.jpg (23494 bytes)

But I'm not happy when people are lookin' at me.

7mo22.jpg (35356 bytes)

I have lots of toys, but none are as good as an old carton.

7mo3.jpg (37225 bytes)

I am a future Ham and I am happy.

7mo4.jpg (36966 bytes)

I like my toys.

7mo5.jpg (34437 bytes)

I like to eat paper, my classmate, fai, likes to watch me.

7mo6.jpg (41095 bytes)

If I can just reach my fire engine, I can bust out of this joint.

7mo7.jpg (28344 bytes)

Where am I? Bet you can't find me!

7mo8.jpg (27420 bytes)

Here I am, did I fool ya?

7mo9.jpg (35263 bytes)

88's and 73's!

7mo18.jpg (36481 bytes)

Take a look at my big toothy grin!