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yodude.jpg (17123 bytes)  This is the one, the only, the crazy, the ting-tong, the real Gringo Greg



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The latest changes:

8/22/11 Wow it has been 9 years and this page is still here...and I am still here. Anyways I guess I will try to find some time to update this and keep all of you aware of what's up with me, Gringo Greg.

8/7/02: I have revamped the start page. I have added a few links to my page of links. Also there are 13 new pictures on the George picture page. I added the first of hopefully many memory stories, check it out. 

Gringo Greg Himself

If you are looking for me, you found me. If you aren't looking for me then you still found me. Either way you found me even if you weren't looking for me, even if you don't want to look for me. I am here.

Confused enough? Good. This is my webpage, I  have had it banging around in different locations, but it will prolly stay awhile here on Tripod, at least until they start charging me dinero to have it.

My name is Gregory L. Woods. I am a 34 year old English teacher, writer, jorunalist and parttime businessman. I am currently working in parts unknown.

Well, I am a father and a proud one at that. You should check out my son's pictures. Just click on the link to pictures of George. He is cute and looks a lot like his daddy. He is a good kid.  

Me and my son talking

Lately, I have been getting back to programming. Nothing spectacular, just started back with QuickBasic in order to make up a few games for my students. I am also trying to squeeze in time to learn Delphi, C, and Java but it is very slow going. Ah but isn't that what parenthood is all about. As I write this my son is offering his insight into the world.

"gh ybhhhcdhmgh  ffrhbgfrenhjhkigt   hg v v nvbr"  or so says George.