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George Elvis Woods




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Pictures from 0 to 6 months


Pictures from Month #7


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Welcome to George Elvis Woods' WebHome

Here are the current stats on George (Updated on Sept 29th, 2002)

  • Age: just about 8 months
  • Weight: 10 kilos in the first week of August, prolly 11 kilos now(about 24 lbs)
  • Length: 72 cm in the first week of August, maybe just a bit more now(28.5 inches)

His newest achievements:

  • He just got tooth #7 a few weeks back.
  • He can stand on his own without any support for about 5 seconds. He can pull himself into a standing position and as long as he holds on, he can stand for a good minute or more.
  • He can anywhere in the house when he uses the walker. 
  • He can not only smile at people, he can scowl at them. 

His current food:

  • Milk, Nestle Bear Brand #2 Follow-up Formula
  • Cereal, Nestle Wheat w/ milk and Nestle Mixed Fruits with Rice
  • Mashed Potatoes 

I have some pictures pages for you viewing pleasure:

Pictures from 0 to 6 months  Pictures from the 7th month